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I have been involved in poodles for over 40 years. My mom showed and bred silver miniature poodles and gave me one in 1978. At the time my interest was in obedience, so I trained and showed him thru CDX. I was busy as a mother of three boys, but my passion as a trainer kept me deeply involved in the world of dogs. I loved showing this dog. He was so intelligent and so easy to train. I was at a dog show watching a standard poodle in the ring. They always sparked an interest! As I watched with my husband I saw a beautiful dog, and then in the blink of an eye I saw this dog jump out of the ring and run around the show grounds as happy as could be. I thought to myself "Oh, that poor lady, how her dog is misbehaving" but instead, she just laughed and said "That's a standard poodle" as it continued to be a clown. I turned to my husband and said "I have to have a standard"

I got my first standard from Leslie Nelson around 1990. I trained her in obedience and got my first Dog World award. This dog made me fall in love with the standard poodle breed. She was was the definition of versatile. She was a great family dog. She was a great obedience dog. She loved the snow. She loved the water. She was so adaptable. She went to soccer and baseball games.She was such a love! Her name was Jenny and she weighed 55 lbs. When she passed away I wanted a smaller, more refined female. After watching Mikimoto for two years I called Wendell Sammet and bought my first Ale Kai poodle.That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship and little did I know at the time he would become my mentor and educator in the world of conformation and standard poodles. Wendell selected and gave us our foundation bitch and with his guidance and help the Madela Standard Poodle line was born.

Delana Severs - Madela